Ice Sculpting Classes

Ice Alaska Ice Sculpting Class Policy

Purpose:  To establish the guidelines for conducting Ice Alaska ice sculpting classes.

            This program allows for interested persons to take advantage of one of the unique experiences of living in interior Alaska.  They will learn both traditional sculpting skills that can be applied to wood, stone or a block of chocolate, but they will also learn how to operate and use tools unique to ice sculpting.  They will learn about the quality of ice and its special properties.  Participants will gain both a sense of pride from their creations and confidence in being able to work with “the world’s best ice.”  The objective is to train future artists in the art of ice sculpting.

            The following procedures will apply to Ice Alaska ice-sculpting classes:

Students Must:

-- $80.00 for Introductory Class        (4 hours) –9 am to 1 pm.

-- $140.00 for Beginners  Class         (8 hours)—9 am to 5:30 pm.

 (Maximum class size of 10).  Class size may be more than 10 with the  approval of Ice Alaska’s, Ice Sculpting instructor.

Ice Alaska will provide each student:

Classes will be scheduled in advance and held in accordance with the Ice Alaska Ice Sculpting Class Policy.  Deviations to this policy are on the written approval of the Chairman, 2016 BP World Ice Art Championships. 


            1--Ice Alaska Hold Harmless Liability Waiver

            2--Ice Sculpting Syllabus of Instruction

            3--Schedule of Ice Sculpting Classes

            4--Instructor compensation policy


 Sign up for Classes here


Sign up for Classes here

Note:  It would be appreciated if students registered two weeks in advance of the class.