We are now Planning for the 2019 World Ice Art Championships!


If you are interested in volunteering for Ice Alaska & the 2018 BP World Ice Art Championships
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Ice Alaska Volunteer Opportunities for 2018

  • 1.  Administration of Ice Park  - Committees that staff the Ice Alaska Office at Ice Park. Answer inquiries from sculptors and volunteers. Coordinate and recruit volunteers. Administer the Ice Alaska budget.  Maintain the membership list.
  • 2.  Publicity/Public Information - Provides the press with information about the World Ice Art Championships. Coordinates providing information to the media, general public and conducts tours of the Park to visiting travel writers & dignitaries Helps administer Facebook & Twitter accounts.
  • 3. Logistics - Manages the day to day details during the sculpting event. Sets up scaffolding, filling water barrels and requests from artists. Trash pick-up, latrine monitoring, hangs sunscreens. Cleanup of park after special events. Hangs sponsor banners.
  • 4.  Transportation - Drives out of town artists and volunteers to and from the park to hotels and other sculpting errands. Schedules and drives special needs visitors on tours of ice park.
  • 5.  Marketing/Publications - Coordinates fundraising and sponsorship activities that pay for the World Ice Art Championships. Grant-writing.
  • 6.  Safety & Security - Schedules security staff over a 24 hour schedule during the event. This includes stationary and roving positions - indoor and outdoor. Maintains the First Aid station.
  • 7. WEB SITE/WEB/CAMS – Maintains icealaska.com web site. Maintains the computer network, WebCams and provides technical support for ice park computers. Maintains archives of past events.
  • 8. Sculpture Support - Coordinates and gathers registration information on the artists prior to the event. Makes decisions on site layout for the competitions. Registers artists for each of the competitions. Coordinates the judging of the competitions and awards ceremonies.
  • 9.  Operations - Schedules and staffs volunteers for the Ice Harvest(s). Responsible for all aspects of cutting, stacking, moving, storing the ice and assisting the artists during the Multi-Block event with lifting ice.
  • 10. Meals/Lodging - Plans menus and prepares all meals for artists and volunteers during the event(s). Supplies and organizes artist’s snack areas - open 24 hours during competitions. Coordinates lodging for artists and volunteers.
  • 11. Sculpture and Park Lighting - Sets up lighting of sculptures for artists, judging, color lights for the viewing public. Strings other decorative lighting around the park.
  • 12. Digital Publications - Designs the digital publications for the web and print. Coordinates photography.
  • 13. Judging - Implements the event judging guidelines and procedures while conducting an independent evaluation of each ice sculpture.  Consolidats judging results to determine the rank order of the ice sculptures.  The section Chair’s are qualified artists.
  • 14.Interpreter/Translators - Primarily works with Sculptor Support staff and assists the non-english speaking sculptors and Sculptor Support.  
  • 15. Operations - works with Logistics must be certified fork lift operator able to assist the Carvers during the events move and stack large blocks of ice.  
  • 16. 
Inside Volunteer Work Outside Jobs

____ Answering phones
____ Running errands (Expediting)
____ Coordinate Bulk Mailings
____ Make Telephone Calls w/ Volunteer Coord.
____ Food Preparation - Cook or Cooks Helper
____ Food Server - Serve and Clean DiningRoom
____ Dishwasher and General Kitchen clean-up
____ Help with sculptor registration.
____ Selling/contacting sponsors)
____ Filing of clipping Publicity Articles
____ Grant Writing
___ Security guard - Inside Guard Building
___ Carpenter, Electrician,Operator
___ Computer - Technical Support
___ Networking expertise/Web Cam
___ Computer - data entry
___ Computer - Web authoring in Joomla
___ Computer - Hardware/Software troubleshooting
___ Computer - Movie editing and web uploading

Outside Volunteer Work
____ Learn Ice Sculpting in Children’s Park
____ Ice Sculpting Project or Structure (Ice Stage)
____ Work on Ice Rink
____ General park maintenance
____ Clean-up Coordinator
____ General Expeditor
____ Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator
____ Certified Fork Lift Operator
____ Ice harvest(s) Operator, sawyer, laborer
____ Driver for the Transportation Committee
____ Handicap Transportation/park tours
____ Security guard walking around the Park
____ Web Cam set-up and maintenance
____ Carpenter, Electrician,Operator
____ Foreign Language Interpreter (inside too)
Language(s) _______________________