We'll be back !!  2018 Kids Park will open February 19 



I wonder what's going on behind this ice wall? 
I bet it's going to be aMAZEing!

What a beautiful day today, bright, sunny, and not too cold! The Park was abuzz with all sorts of activity. A crew was down on the pond harvesting what looked like about 200 blocks of beautiful 30inch ice blocks. 

The Giant Slide is finished and several kids slides are done, and a bowl. The Team from China are roughing out a new maze.  

The lanes are plowed and compacted along the Single Block and Multi Block exhibit routes. They just need to have the individual sites cleaned out.  

We're going to have a fantastic event, and we have you our friends and supporters to thank for helping us get the ice moving on this annual Fairbanks tradition!  We continue to accept donations on our GoFundMe page.  We also thank the many vounteers, both local, and from far away who travel to Fairbanks to help us build this Ice Park each year.!