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PRESS RELEASE - 2017 January 22

January 22 - Post Fire Update

The work continues at the George Horner Ice Park to be ready for the 2017 BP World Ice Art Championships.  January has been a little hard, with some winter storms and the recent cold snap, but a small and hardy crew of ice sculptors and other support staff are working through the weather to build the Park attractions, and finish up office space for the admin offices.  

We thank our sponsors who have already stepped up to confirm their support of the 2017 Events, BP, Fred Meyer, Alaska Digital Printing, Fairbanks Ice Museum, GCI

A special thank you to some local businesses: Northern Business Systems, Alaska Dreams Inc., Explore Fairbanks; Eric Buetow DDS; All Transmissions Inc; 2 Street Gallery

And YOU, our community, family and friends who generously donate through our GoFundMe page.  We thank you for your continuing support!

We also need the support of our many volunteers.  Each year we average around 300 individual volunteers over the entire event. All together, combined, over 30,000 volunteer hours.  This year, though, the computer that stored our volunteer database was one of the items destroyed in the fire.  We're asking all current and new volunteers to visit our volunteer application page and complete a new application.  We have volunteer staff in place to rebuild that database.

Again, thank you for your continuing support!  With your help, we will make this a specacular event!