Stay Tuned!  Exciting News to Come! 


2016 December 26 - Post Fire Progress Update - 
First, we are so very grateful to the concern and generosity of both the local and online communities.  We have received many calls and letters from folks asking how they can help.  This past week, we have worked to form and begin to implement an action plan so that we can best use and collect these resources.  The Board of Directors will continue to meet regularly with the Ice Alaska Volunteer Section Leaders as we prepare for the 2017 Events.  
For this year’s event, we are reallocating spaces in the other structures around the Ice Park to house the various sections.  We are also working on a plan to provide for warm up shelter for both visitors and artists.  We invite all who can volunteer to submit a Volunteer Application  You can read more about Volunteering for Ice Alaska here
As expected following the fire we have discovered shortcomings between what we lost, what’s in our budget and what can be replaced with insurance.  Each year we budget for wear and tear of equipment, hand tools, shovels, sleds, webcams  routers, computers, printers, and basic office supplies.  We also feed lunch and dinner to artists and volunteers daily, during the height of competition our kitchen daily feeds about 175 hungry hard working bellies.  This year, we are now adding the cost of replacing all that equipment.  
The Board of Directors has authorized a GoFundMe page for our friends to contribute to the 2017 Ice Art Events.  We are specifically allocating this fund for this project. 
We are also revisiting a plan from several years ago to build a permanent lodge and office building.  That goal is back on the agenda and once we successfully finish our 2017 Ice Art Events, we will start on the long-term plan of building a more permanent structure.  
Again, we can’t thank the Community and our Supporters enough.  Back in October, we set our 2017 Theme: “Think Smart”.  We can add to that “Ice Don’t Burn!”