Stay Tuned!  Exciting News to Come! 

PRESS RELEASE 2016 12-20 Events on Schedule!

2017 BP World Ice Art Championships remains on schedule!


         Ice Alaska announces: This past Friday, December 16, 2016, the Main Building/Warm-up Lodge at the Ice Alaska Ice Park, and personal residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Brickley, was destroyed by fire.  It is a great loss, especially following the very recent death of one of our remaining Founders.  But we are grateful that everyone got out alive and uninjured!  We greatly appreciate the outpouring of concern and good wishes from the Fairbanks Community, Local and International Ice Artists, as well as our volunteers and friends from out-of-State.  


         Now to the first question on everyone’s mind…the answer is YES!  We will be hosting the 2017 BP World Ice Art Championships on time beginning February 27, 2017.  And YES!  The Kids Ice Park will open February 20, 2017.


         The Board of Directors are meeting with the various event department leaders and will be assessing what we have and prioritizing what needs to be replaced.  We welcome any volunteers who want to help us get this coming year’s Ice Event under way, as well as any donations of materials, equipment or funds to replace what insurance will not completely cover.  We are scheduling several emergency meetings and will have more to announce by this coming weekend.  Our volunteers have a great Alaska pioneering spirit with a “can do” attitude and we will make this happen.  To quote Mr. Dick Brickley, Chairman of the 2017 BP World Ice Art Championships…”Ice don’t burn!  And we have lots of it.  Now let’s get to work!”