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Press Release 2015-05 - SB Judge Comment

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March 2, 2015

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2015 BP World Ice Art Competition –

Below is a comment from June Rodgers, one of the judges of the Alaska digital Printing Single Block Classic:

“Last night’s judging experience was phenomenal and left me totally refreshed!   The sculptures were really spectacular!  The weather was perfect….even after two and a half hours outdoors I didn’t get chilled – of course I was dressed for it, but still.  That added immeasurably to the special feeling of those beautiful sculptures highlighted by striking white lighting in the dark of night and the towering spruce trees that created a cathedral effect.  Simply wonderful – a ‘wish you were here’ kind of moment that we, as judges, get to experience and isn’t easily part of the general viewing audiences experience.  Thank you again. “

June Rogers,
Judge 2015 BP World Ice Art Competition

The Ice Alaska ice park is now open daily till March 29th

from 10am to 10pm

at 3570 Phillips Field Road,

99709 Fairbanks, AK 99709.

See photos and footage from Ice Alaska here: