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PRESS RELEASE 2015-1 WIAC Enters 26th Year

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February 16, 2015
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World’s Largest Ice Carving Competition Enters 26th Year

Ice Alaska will be hosting its 26th BP World Ice Art Championship in Fairbanks, Alaska from February 23rd to March 29th. It is the longest-running and largest ice sculpting competition in the world. Annually, it features at least 100 sculptures to admire and attracts approximately 45,000 visitors. This year over 125 ice artists representing 16 countries will participate under the theme of “World Friendship.”  
At the same location, Ice Alaska is also creating a winter wonderland which will include: An ice rink, ice-sculpting classes, a kid’s park with 150 illuminated play pieces made from ice, a 1000 ft adult maze, a life-size pirate ship, ice-diving certification from “Test the Waters” and much more.  
Pat Moodie is a decade-long local of Fairbanks and 6-year artist of Ice Alaska. This year she is experimenting with placing ice sculptures under freezing water by using people taking an ice diving certification class to move the sculptures. The pond ice is so clear that the sculptures will be visible to spectators looking down. She had this to say about Fairbanks and Ice Alaska “Come to Fairbanks…[and you can say] well I got my warm water scuba diving certification at the local hot springs, got my dry suit certification, got my ice diving certification, saw the aurora borealis, learned to carve ice, saw Ice Alaska and saw Alaska in the winter…[It’s] something weird, something different.”

The Ice Alaska ice park is slated to open daily from February 23rd to March 29th from 10am to 10pm at 3570 Phillips Field Road, 99709 Fairbanks, AK 99709.
See photos and footage from Ice Alaska here: