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rhonda konicki

rhonda konicki

Sunday, 15 February 2015 03:35

Video News from Ice Alaska


This year our goal is to produce more video, both taped and live streaming.  

Check out the new video blog with Steve Iverson and Yelea Petkova.  Subscribe to the Youtube channel and watch all the highlights from this year's BP World Ice Art Championships.



Sunday, 15 February 2015 03:27

Countdown to Ice Alaska

We're in the home stretch, just nine more days and then we begin the 2015 BP World Ice Art Championships.

For those who have been following our Facebook page, the crew harvested more ice this past Thursday, but they suffered several broken chains, and so did not cut as many blocks as they wanted, however, they did complete enough 5'x8' blocks at 30" thick to cover the Single Block competition.  They are planning at least one more harvest before the first event, to cover Multi Block competition. 

Today when I stopped by the Park to check up on building progress, I found a small crew out on the pond cutting large medallions, 8ft (2.4m) in diameter.  What could those be for?  Remember several weeks back I posted a photo of Alaskan Artist, Keven Laughlin, with his design for this year's Ice Alaska Theme?  Eight giant medallions will be placed about the park with this year's logo "Sculpting World Friendships".

This year, for the Single Block Competition, we have 37 carving teams representing (in no particular order) China, USA, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and Monaco.  Most of these artists have arrived and are now busy building the slides and interactive art for the Kids Park.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 04:16


We're just a couple short weeks away from the start of the BP World Ice Art Championships, first event, the Single Block Competition.  There's still plenty of work to be done.  Artisans have been arriving to buid the wonderful interactive sculptures and slides that our Kids will be able to enjoy.  There is also need in many other areas.  Here's a list of the departments with current need for volunteers: 

Sculpture Support - needs assistance with data entry anyone with experience in Filemaker Pro, this is an indoor job

Web/Media  - needs both a Grip and a Writer.  Our goal this year is to provide more online live streaming video, and to accomplish that we need someone to assist the videographers (Grip) and someone to help with writing captions and short articles for each video segment (Writer) .  

Heavy Equipement Operator - Our lead, Connie, could use an extra hand with moving the heavy stuff, if you happen to be safefy conscious and have experience with forklifts and heavy equipment.

Ice Harvesting - We still have room for anyone with warm weather gear and a sense of adventure, safety minded, to assist in harvesting the giant ice blocks out of the pond. 

Lighting - The Lighting Crew is gearing up to set lights for the exhibits.  We will need extra hands once the exhibits are complete to set the lights and install the gel filters.  

Safety/Security - This job isn't just patroling the park.  They also assit the Lighting Crew, assist with carver support, Logistics, and many other areas, including the Ice Train.   It's probably our largest crew and most versitile.  

Safe Drivers - Many of our Carvers and some Volunteers need rides to and from their hotels.  Also Logistics sometimes needs assistance with obtaining supplies.  We have need for safe drivers to assist in transportation.  

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click on the Volunteer page for more information.  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 03:24

Counting down to Ice Alaska!

February 7 - We dropped into another cold snap this weekend.  When I first woke up this morning, it was all of -44F (-42C), and by noon, when I made my weekly stop by the Ice Park, we had warmed up to -33F (-36C).  Still cold enough to produce a lot of ice fog, so as you can see in today's photos, even the air is blue.


We have a few more artists in town now, and they are busy building up the Kids Ice Park.  Below is a very frosty Eduard Ponomarenko from Russia, sharpening his ice chisel.


This is Ivan Zuev, also from Russia, rough cutting a large piece for the slide they're building for the Kids Park. 

The Giant Slides, are under construction now.  Note the grooves in the divider sides of each slide.  That's were the led lights are laid, before being capped off.  You can see the cap sections already to be placed.  Once they finish with the divider sides, they will lay ice pavers cut to fit all the way down the slides.


Visit the Ice Alaska Facebook page for more update photos.  I was also updated this afternoon, that we are almost ready to flip the switch and go live on our official Ice Alaska webpage.  Soon you will be able to turn to Ice  for all your live updates and news about the Park!

Sunday, 25 January 2015 18:39

Ice Harvest Stats from Connie Adkins

The Ice Harvest yesterday was very successful, thanks to some extra volunteers that came to help, as well as no equipment breakdowns in the cold. It was almost to the limit of harvest temperatures. We don't harvest if it is more than 20 below zero. It isn't good for the ice. We cut 203 blocks of 4'X6'X20" ice.
Thanks to a new volunteer, Christina, one of the Chinese sculptors, Mr. Wei, and another young man whose name I didn't get, we had plenty of people to get the job done. 
The Operations Committee needs more volunteers. If you have had experience with forklift work, particularly telehandlers, we could certainly put you to work, or just folks to help on weekends with the ice harvest. Call Connie at 322-7508 to let me know about you. We probably will be harvesting every weekend from now on until the Ice carving competition begins the last week in February, so now is the time to get in on the fun. 
I could also use some help with making the layout markings for the harvest. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to get in on the fun. See you at the Ice Park.
Sunday, 25 January 2015 02:14

Counting down to Ice Alaska!

Just a little more than four weeks left to build the Ice Park and the first competition! 

I stopped by the Ice Park today, the air was  cold -20F (-28C) and quiet from the fresh fallen snow of last night.  Yet through that muffling atmosphere, I could hear the sounds of saws and heavy machinery, as artists work on building the Kids Park, and a volunteer crew was on the pond harvesting ice. 


On O'Grady Pond a small crew works to harvest ice blocks.  Today's blocks were averaging 22" (55.8cm) thick.  


With the ambient temperature at -20F, steam pours up off the open water as the ice blocks are cut and removed.



This is Andy, spotting the ice for the forklift operator.  
 This round of ice will be used for building the kids park, because the first harvests have cracks and flaws .  In a couple weeks, we will harvest clear ice for the competitions.  
I couldn't help myself!  I had to get a close up of Artist, Vitaliy Lednev's frosty eyelashes.  Carving in ice is hard work, so even though he looks like the abominable snowman, he's keeping warm.
Our friends from China have started roughing out the maze.  Can't wait to see what theme they pick this year.  
Kevin Laughlin's pirate ship is also roughed out.  Soon he will start on the details and interactive elements for the kids.  
Sunday, 18 January 2015 05:20

6 Weeks and Counting Down!

Greetings from Fairbanks! 

First the important question on everybody's mind, "Will it be cold enough to build an ice park?"  The answer is yes!  Construction has begun! 

I stopped by the Park today to check up on activities.  Behind the scenes, folks are starting to show up to work on their respective departments and count volunteers.  Those of us in the Web/Media department are testing the new upgrades to the webpage so we can go live in time for the 2015 Event.

Out in the park there has already been some harvesting of ice, snow is being plowed, and blocks are being staged.  I caught up with Kevin Laughlin, the designer of this year's theme pin.  He and his recruit, John Gilligan, have started rough cutting the first kiddie slide.  This one is destined to be a Pirate Ship.

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