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rhonda konicki

rhonda konicki

Sunday, 19 November 2017 00:30


Special announcement from Ice Alaska 

The World ICE Association, d.b.a. Ice Alaska regrets to announce that we will not be producing the 2018 World Ice Art Championships, originally scheduled February  26 though March 17 , 2018.

This decision was not made lightly.  Many in the community remember that the Lodge building used as our primary office was destroyed by fire in December 2016.  At that time we made the decision to proceed with the 2017 event, because we already had artists and sponsors committed to an event, however the resulting event was not to the standards expected by our artists and volunteers.  

Ice Alaska has spent the summer reorganizing and rebuilding as a 100% all volunteer non-profit.  We fully intended to produce a 2018 Event, however after the loss of two major commercial donors, and our Title Sponsor slashing their support to a notable smaller amount, the Board of Directors needed to make a decision.  This week marked 100 days to the event, and both Artists and Volunteers who travel to Fairbanks for this event, need to finalize their travel arrangements.  

We made a promise to our Artists and Volunteers that we would only produce a quality event, to include adequate housing and quality food.  For that reason, we have decided that the organization is not financially prepared to produce a 2018 event.  We will instead focus on 2019 Event, and continue our membership team building.  Already we are receiving leads on potential major benefactors that can assist us with a 2019 event.  We will also research other venue options for hosting the World Ice Art Championships.  

To the donors who have already contributed to our 2018 Event, we sincerely thank you.  We will be contacting all 2018 Donors to offer return of contributions.  Meanwhile, as noted above, we will begin fundraising and planning for the 2019 Event.  

Ice Alaska began as a small event in 1989.  The organization has grown and shrunk over the years.  The work done by the Members involved with reorganizing Ice Alaska over this past summer has produced a solid organization, free of debt, and with policies and procedures to ensure that this organization remains strong.  We are confident that with the help of our Fairbanks Community, and our ability to qualify for State and Local Grant opportunities, we can produce a quality annual event to continue on for another generation.  

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 03:20

You're Invited!

TO:     All Ice Sculpting Artists and Ice Art Volunteers

RE:      Invitation to Compete and/or Volunteer, AND…

            Announcing "A New Chapter has Begun!” at Ice Alaska!

Dear Ice Artists and Ice Art Volunteers!

The Board of Directors for the World I.C.E. (Ice Carving Exhibitors) Association, Inc., D/B/A "Ice Alaska, Inc.", are happy to announce that "A New Chapter has Begun" at Ice Alaska beginning with the 29th Annual 2018 BP World Ice Art Championships!

A BIG part of the announcement begins with the "closing of a very special chapter" and a HUGE "Thank You!" to Dick and Hoa Brickley who, after 28 years of countless (and many thankless) hours on a daily basis, unimaginable and unbelievable financial support, an unwavering love for, and dedication to, the Event, the Artists, the Volunteers, and this Community, are stepping down and stepping back in order to completely "step aside", and HOPEFULLY retire in the very near future.

This year they are going to be around on an extremely limited basis for their expertise, and moral support, as we transition into a new chapter and some new ways of doing things over the next couple of years!

We happily invite you to Compete, if you are an Ice Art Artist.  And to join us, as we try to fill some mighty big "Brickley Shoes", if you would like to volunteer at this year's 29th Annual, 2018 BP World Ice Art Championships!!

We are in need of BOTH Artists AND volunteers in large quantities and welcome your return if you are a "veteran" at one OR BOTH of these.  We encourage you to compete if you are an Ice Sculpting Artist who has never competed with us before, and we welcome new volunteers with however many hours you can give us!!

Applications for both are being updated and will be on the website before the end of this week.  If you're a volunteer, we can put you to work RIGHT NOW and all the way through the end of March 2018!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next planning meeting!  Don't forget to join and become a Member of Ice Alaska too!! Membership has its privileges!!

We look forward to hearing from you VERY soon! and... Have an "Ice" day!!

Very Sincerely,

Ice Alaska Board of Directors

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 14:59

Planning 2018 Event

Announcing the 2018 Ice Alaska Planning Committee


The World I.C.E. Association is begining the process of planning for the 2018 World Ice Art Championships.  

We are currently meeting each Tuesday, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. at the confrence room of Fairbanks Housing Services, located 1425 Gillam Way.  

If you would like to be a part of this process, we invite you to attend.  

Next Meeting: May 9th, we will be focusing on the cost analysis, how much it will cost for us to produce the event.  

Sunday, 19 February 2017 17:57


It has truly been a rough winter for the volunteers for Ice Alaska.  There's still plenty of construction going on, and walking into Building 12, the shop that's been converted into the new Ice Alaska Office space, it has the appearance of a busy bee hive.  Everyone has been working round the clock and we can say that the Ice Park will be ready for the first small visitors Monday, February 20, when the Kids Park officially opens! 

We have numerous slides, bowls, a full maze, the Ice Cabin is back, Sea Horses pulling a sleigh, all the kids love to pose on the Ice Race Cars.  The Playground is definitely ready for the little ones!

Weather permitting, the Ice Park will be open until March 31st.  You may now purchase your season tickets online   Come see the Ice Park!  Next week we begin the first competition, the ADP Single Block Classic.  This is a big year for the Single Block, because this year it doubles as a qualifying event for the 2018 Winter Olympics Arts Festival.  

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 14:12



6 DAYS AND COUNTING DOWN to opening the Kids Park!

What's the Kids Park about?  It's a playground made of ice!  What should you bring?  Dress for snow and ice, boots, snowsuits, hats, gloves.  Don't forget to bring your toboggan!  

The Kids Park opens Monday, February 20th  

Now is the time to purchase your Season Ticket Weather permitting, the Ice Park will be open for 40 days.   The season passes cost less than 4 single day passes.  The Season Passes grant you unlimited visits to the Ice Park.  That means even if you only visit one day per week, you're getting a fantastic deal!  

Purchase your tickets online today!

Monday, 13 February 2017 01:34



That's right folks!  Just 8 more days and we open the 2017 Kids Ice Park on February 20!

What will you see at the Kids Park?  Well, it's a playground made of ice!  All sorts of kid friendly slides, spinners, ice rink, ice house, and the maze can be found in the Kids Ice Park.  

Then the following week, February 27th, we begin the annual 2017 ADP Single Block Classic.  As of this update we have all 50 sites registered with many returning world champion Ice Sculptors.  

We thank our generous supporters and the Fairbanks Community for assisting us this year.  This is an annual event, and we can't do it without our friends!  We continue to accept volunteer applications 

We also thank the many folks who have send in their contributions via our GoFundMe Page.  

This year, new to our website is the option to purchase your pass in advance using our online ticketing manager.  

Have an Ice Day and we'll see you soon at the Park!

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 07:26

Announcing Online Ticket Sales!

Announcing Online Ticket Sales!
Yes you just read that right! This year we have partnered with a ticketing service, and we are offering the option to purchase your tickets online and in advance!

Stop by our Park Admissions Page to purchase your tickets online  

Visit our EVENT SCHEDULE PAGE and see what dates you want to visit the Park.  Or, just purchase a SEASON PASS and come and go on your own schedule!

We have just 14 more days until the opening of the Kids Park, and 21 days before the start of the GCI Single Block Classic.  We have a full field, that's 50 teams signed up to compete in this year's Single Block.  It's going to be a fantastic event!

Sunday, 05 February 2017 06:29




I wonder what's going on behind this ice wall? 
I bet it's going to be aMAZEing!

What a beautiful day today, bright, sunny, and not too cold! The Park was abuzz with all sorts of activity. A crew was down on the pond harvesting what looked like about 200 blocks of beautiful 30inch ice blocks. 

The Giant Slide is finished and several kids slides are done, and a bowl. The Team from China are roughing out a new maze.  

The lanes are plowed and compacted along the Single Block and Multi Block exhibit routes. They just need to have the individual sites cleaned out.  

We're going to have a fantastic event, and we have you our friends and supporters to thank for helping us get the ice moving on this annual Fairbanks tradition!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 06:32


Board of Directors and Volunteers are meeting this Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Time 5:30 p.m.

Location 1427 Gilliam Way, Fairbanks Alaska 

The Board will present the plan and prioritized list of most critical needs.

This meeting is open to ALL Volunteers for rebuilding and preparing the Ice Park for upcoming events.  


To quote Mr. Brickley, "ICE DON'T BURN!"  We will open the Annual Kids Ice Park on time February 20, 2017 and we will begin the 2017 BP World Ice Art Championships on time February 27, 2017

We will continue to publish updates as information is received.  

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 15:48

For Andy O'Grady

It was reported to me on Dec 5th that Andy O'Grady was involved in a single truck accident north of Fairbanks and did not survive.   Andy was a founding member of Ice Alaska.  Andy was an inspiration to the organization and especially loved operating his forklift.  Over the past 28 years, I am confident,  Andy lifted, moved and stacked over a billion pounds of ice.   I feel blessed knowing  I had the opportunity to spend so much time with this special person.  In fact, on Dec 2nd , I spent the majority of the day with Andy.  We had breakfast at the Bakery Restaurant around 7 am.  We planned what we would do for the day.  Andy and I met at the Ice Art Park around 1:30 pm to lay in the initial driving route for our First Annual Musical Light Display.  I led the way in my truck and Andy followed in his 460 forklift towing the drag for the road.  We made numerous passes to insure the snow would setup properly.  We took a break around 3:15 and went to Denny’s for a snack.  We returned to the Ice Art Park at 4 pm and made more passes over the route.  The full Display route is a bit over 3 miles.  Finally around 5:15, Andy parked his forklift perfectly in his spot in the garage and departed in his Chev truck for home at around 5:30 pm.  I saw him driving east on west Phillips Field Road and was the 2nd to last person to see him.  The last person to see Andy O’Grady was An, Zhe who saw Andy cross Peger Road heading east on Phillips Field Road which passes the old Ice Art Park on ARR property.   Special about this is that the last person to see Andy O’Grady alive was the person An, Zhe that asked Andy O’Grady  4 years earlier for permission to be called Andy as well.  An, Zhe had so much respect for Andy that he wanted his American name to be Andy as well.  We all know An, Zhe as Andy and have for the past 4 years.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pearl and the entire O’Grady family.  I apologize if I missed someone but if I did please the word along yourself.

P.S.  I will forever be comforted when I drive by O’Grady Pond on the ARR property, just inside of Chena Landing Loop Road.  It was named after Andy because it was his idea to help the ARR get the wetland permit.  Bob Thomas was the design engineer that took Andy’s suggestion and completed all the paperwork for the Corp of Engineers approval;  or when driving by the Ice Art Park harvest pond which as of this day is officially named, R.A. O’Grady Sr. Pond Too.  That was always the way Andy signed checks.  Finally, and most importantly, each time driving through the Musical Light Display because I know the route was the last thing built  on earth by my friend Andy O’Grady.  I am confident he will be helping the Lord build many things in Heaven.  

Thanks Dick Brickley, Chairman of Ice Alaska.


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