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January2018 Press Release

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To our Members and Supporters of Ice Alaska

Ice Alaska has been the topic of negative news in recent months.  Many of our members and others in the community have expressed their concern regarding the viability of this organization as well as questions regarding the past actions of the previous Board.  This current Board is aware of these concerns, and each of us have questions as well. 

Some members and some of the community, in addition to demanding answers, have asserted that Ice Alaska must take a legal route to resolve the issues of the past.  Before any kind of legal action can be taken, facts must be obtained and verified. 

Ice Alaska is an all-volunteer organization, operated by individuals who receive no financial gain for the work they do.  Our members spend many hours of their personal time, even using PTO (Annual Leave) time from their work, to produce an event for all the public to enjoy.  Despite how this organization may or may not have been run in the past, we can say today, that for the past 13 months there is not one single paid employee, nor paid executive officer in Ice Alaska.

To date, this is the longest running annual Ice Event in the world.  We began on the ideas of many community visionaries 29 years ago and we want to carry on that tradition another 30 years.  The fact is that Boards and Board Members come and go.  It is the organization that can remain and stand the test of time.  It is the desire of every Board Member currently serving to protect this organization and ensure we continue the tradition of producing world renowned sculptures in ice for the Fairbanks Community and those who come to visit us. 

We have an opportunity to produce a small-scale ice art event for the youth of this community.  In 50 days, during Spring Break, we want to host an event that pairs young artists with seasoned professional ice artists to teach them the art of Ice Carving, and good sportsmanship. 

To produce this, we absolutely need the support of the Fairbanks Community.  In addition to volunteers, we expect that we need close to $50,000.00 to cover renting space at the Fairgrounds, transporting large blocks of ice, acquire the equipment, shovels, rakes, hand tools, and certified drivers and equipment operators.   

This is a new era for Ice Alaska.  Will you consider being a part, and help us keep a Fairbanks Tradition alive for the next generation?  We continue to look to corporate sponsorship and we have established a PayPal Charity account for individuals to make online donations directly to Ice Alaska. 

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