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TO:     All Ice Sculpting Artists and Ice Art Volunteers

RE:      Invitation to Compete and/or Volunteer, AND…

            Announcing "A New Chapter has Begun!” at Ice Alaska!

Dear Ice Artists and Ice Art Volunteers!

The Board of Directors for the World I.C.E. (Ice Carving Exhibitors) Association, Inc., D/B/A "Ice Alaska, Inc.", are happy to announce that "A New Chapter has Begun" at Ice Alaska beginning with the 29th Annual 2018 BP World Ice Art Championships!

A BIG part of the announcement begins with the "closing of a very special chapter" and a HUGE "Thank You!" to Dick and Hoa Brickley who, after 28 years of countless (and many thankless) hours on a daily basis, unimaginable and unbelievable financial support, an unwavering love for, and dedication to, the Event, the Artists, the Volunteers, and this Community, are stepping down and stepping back in order to completely "step aside", and HOPEFULLY retire in the very near future.

This year they are going to be around on an extremely limited basis for their expertise, and moral support, as we transition into a new chapter and some new ways of doing things over the next couple of years!

We happily invite you to Compete, if you are an Ice Art Artist.  And to join us, as we try to fill some mighty big "Brickley Shoes", if you would like to volunteer at this year's 29th Annual, 2018 BP World Ice Art Championships!!

We are in need of BOTH Artists AND volunteers in large quantities and welcome your return if you are a "veteran" at one OR BOTH of these.  We encourage you to compete if you are an Ice Sculpting Artist who has never competed with us before, and we welcome new volunteers with however many hours you can give us!!

Applications for both are being updated and will be on the website before the end of this week.  If you're a volunteer, we can put you to work RIGHT NOW and all the way through the end of March 2018!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next planning meeting!  Don't forget to join and become a Member of Ice Alaska too!! Membership has its privileges!!

We look forward to hearing from you VERY soon! and... Have an "Ice" day!!

Very Sincerely,

Ice Alaska Board of Directors

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