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It's Cold Outside

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The weather is super cold but you want to come see the multi block sculptures being carved. The kids really want to try out the slides in the Kids’ Park.  How should you dress if you are coming to play in the Kids’ Park or walk around to see the ice sculptures at Ice Alaska. Layering is key. Depending on how cold it is wear a base inner layer, a top and a bottom, that fits snugly to your body. Do not wear cotton! Your second layer can be a bit looser; a midweight fleece is good. For an outer layer a down or synthetic down parka is good to top it all off. When it is very cold, below 0, you might want to wear waterproof snow pants that have additional insulation.

Warm feet are a must. Invest in warm winter boots-or at least buy toe warmers. Boots rated at      -20 to -40 are a good idea. Warm fingers are as important as warm toes. Mittens are the best choice because they keep your fingers together and trap heat more effectively than gloves. Hand warmers are good to have on hand if you need some extra heat. If you’re taking photos and need use of your fingers, wear a thin pair of gloves underneath your mittens so that when you take the mitten off, your fingers aren’t totally exposed.

A great combination in cold temperatures is a hat paired with a balaclava that will cover your nose and cheeks. If you’re active and get warm, swap the hat for a headband—but keep those ears covered to avoid frostbite!

If you are coming to the park to take pictures, don’t forget extra batteries for your camera. The cold saps your batteries dry in a short time. There are warming huts located at the park where you can duck in, warm up, change your batteries and recharge yourself. The largest hut/tent has coffee and hot chocolate for an added warm-up boost.

If you are coming with the kids to play on the slides, don’t forget to bring your sleds. Even a nice big piece of cardboard works great on the big slides. Mom and Dad can go down also.


Enjoy yourselves at the Ice Park despite the cold. You’re covered.

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