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  • Huessy, Christopher
  • Huessy, Christopher
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Huessy, Christopher



Christopher started carving ice in 1973 as a Chef, and achieved his culinary highpoint in 1988 at the Culinary Olympics - Frankfurt Germany with two Silver Medals. He continued as a Culinary Instructor; and started a small business " Professional Ice Carving " that now has supported his artistic endeavors professionally for over 27 years; at the end of this competition, (Ice Art 2015) he turns 60 years old. 

He enjoys competition in many art forms that have awarded him, over the last 42 years, from Europe / North America / Japan, dozens of Top Awards and he has also participated in two Winter Olympic Ice Carving Competitions - 1998 and 2002.  " It's all about the Fun, the Challenge, and the Camaraderie".   Team Northwest USA Oregon




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