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  • Wada, Takeshi
  • Wada, Takeshi
  • Japan
Wada, Takeshi



Takeshi Wada has been ice sculpting since 1999. 25 years ago he was influence by a co-worker while he was doing an ice sculpture for the hotel event, which is why he started carving ice. Learning techniques throughout other ice events wasn’t easy to do. Now he is the executive chef at the Castle Plaza Hotel in Nagoya, Japan where he uses ice to decorate the buffet table to look more attractive. He asked the Master ice carver Junichi Nakamura for advice on ice carving and he invited him to join the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks. This is his first time at Ice Alaska and he is looking forward to working with his single block partner Shinichi Sawamura and having a great time. 



North Wind and Sun

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