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  • Sevier, Fred
  • Sevier, Fred
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Sevier, Fred


Fred Sevier Jr - 

 AKA Tukaluk  which is his adopted eskimo name.  Ask him what it means and he will tell you that is means "someone who doesn't give up easily." his mother was eskimo and his father was french so he calls himself Frenchkimo.

 His life has been pocked with painful events. but art continues to sustain Sevier as he says "I've got to do my artwork,you know? it makes me get over stuff." he began carving at age 6, he recalled, using chisels  and knives to etch pictures into wood. when he works on larger-scale pieces, his tools include saws,chisels and files.  he transforms a whale rib into a seal, a soapstone rock into a killer whale,alabaster and walrus ivory into polar bears and snowy owls.




Breath of Life


Fight for Life

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