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Team Photo Webcam Place Holder
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  • maureen martinez

    maureen martinez

    27 February 2014 at 03:33 |
    Hey baby u look pretty hard at work and it looks good. It hard to see it reallt well. But u go buddy. What a wonderful oppunity and endless stories ha. Call me when u can. And hey I got my eyes on u. Hows yhat left hand doin.?? TALK AT U soon


  • Ray Monaco

    Ray Monaco

    27 February 2014 at 23:57 |
    We miss you , keep up the good work, love you and hugs for warmth!!!
    Love Pops


  • Betty Folsom

    Betty Folsom

    28 February 2014 at 21:40 |
    I'm proud of you for coming to the rescue. I'm sure you've made a friend for life. Good job.
    I love you,


  • Mom


    01 March 2014 at 01:10 |
    So proud of you for stepping up to the plate. You have a friend for life
    Good job.

    I love you , Mom


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