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  • Mukhamadeev, Karim
  • Mukhamadeev, Karim
  • Russian Federation
Mukhamadeev, Karim


Karim is an artist and sculptor in ice, sand, snow with his own school and a score of successful students. His art includes monumental sculptures. He is also an inventor, mechanic and businessman from Irkutsk. Karim takes interest in restoration. After restoring 1874 Novy Afon monastery, Abkhazia turret clock he is currently working on turret clock in Sukhumi, Georgia.  Karim drives the 1937 BMW-321 automobile he lovingly restored. The car is filled with modern electronics, a Toyota Crown engine, and automatic transmission. It is not a hot-rod but is very comfortable and reliable for long-distance travel. He drives it more than 5,000 miles from Irkutsk (the heart of Siberia) to the sandy beaches of the Black Sea (adding 16,000 miles on his odometer for this trip). His next project is to restore a retro GAZ-? (licensed copy of Ford-A).  Being fascinated with building snow and ice fortresses since very early age Karim turned his passion into business. Karim is the director of the multifaceted company Crystal Swan which he runs with his son Timirkhan. Karim started Chrystal Seal ice carving competition that sends winners to the World Ice Art Championships in Alaska since 2011.



Crystal Swan

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