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Meyers, Jeff


In high school Mike often stayed after school to help his ceramic’s teacher. Her husband, Aaron Costic, who owns an ice sculpting business, needed someone to do the “grunt” work so Jeff was hired the August after high school graduation. After six months, Jeff was “itching” to try his hand at ice carving so asked Aaron if he could try. Aaron started teaching Jeff the steps involved and how to handle the tools. Gradually Jeff spent more time carving and less time doing the “grunt” work but, even after 15 ½ years, Jeff still has to do some of the “grunt” work. It’s the nature of the business.

One year when Aaron was coming to Ice Alaska, he brought Jeff. They got a world championship in abstract and another in realistic. Ice carving has opened new worlds for Jeff. That trip was the first time he ever flew and it was a l-o-o-o-n-g flight from Cleveland to Fairbanks. This is Jeff’s sixth year at Ice Alaska. He would like to come more often, but business comes first, so his time is limited for going to competitions. Once Jeff starts carving, he says he goes on auto-pilot. His body takes over. He finds that, as he gets older, the heavy lifting involved gets harder. Jeff is an outdoor person so the clear blue ice, the trees, and the fluffy snow make him feel “at home” at Ice Alaska.

Every design Jeff carves is unique and he falls in love with his carvings in every competition. He often repeats carving a design and each time it gets better. The last couple of years Jeff has focused on carving dogs to the point that he feels they have gotten very good. He has seen his skills in proportion and symmetry grow, which pleases him. Jeff also enjoys doing 3-D carvings such as logos.

Jeff often does extra carvings at work and stores them in a freezer to have on hand if someone needs a rush order. If he gets enough ahead on carvings, he may have time to take a short vacation or get to another competition.

Jeff enjoys teaching others his knowledge and tricks which he’s learned by trial and error over the years. Twice a year he teaches the fundamentals of ice carving at a “boot camp.” 



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2010 Artists' Choice Award, 2010 Governor's Choice Award

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