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  • Ji, Lian Lu
  • Ji, Lian Lu
  • China
Ji, Lian Lu


Ji was born in Haerbin, China in 1957.  He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Sculpture, Luxon Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most recognized Fine Arts Institute in China.  Currently, he is a Professor and the Department chair at the Department of Sculpture, Haerbin Noraml University.  Ji also serves as the Directior of Sculpture Committee in Heilongjiang Province, committee member of China sculpture Association, and the member of China Academy of Fine Arts.  Ji has amassed many awards and honors including the following, “ 1989 “Great Wall Built by Pioneers’ Body and Soul” for China National Museum of Revolution, Beijing, China.  1990 “Dream’,  and “Smile from Orient,” 1994 “Echo”, 1999 Honorable Mention of sculpture “Hope”, 2003 Silver Medal “Babe” , 2004 “Argun River”, 2010 1st in Sand and Woodcarving, and 2011 Wood Carving .






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