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  • Gorbunov, Evgenii
  • Gorbunov, Evgenii
  • Russian Federation
Gorbunov, Evgenii


ERBOGACHON, RUSSIA - Evgenii was born in a Siberian town where winter temperatures could dip to -76F and rise to 96F in the summer. Evgenii started a career in wood working and furniture making while attending an art school. After graduating with a degree in technology and entrepreneurship from the Irkutsk State Pedagogical University, Evgenii worked at a school and in children’s summer camps. He earned a “For Distinguished Labour” medal for his outstanding work with children. He dreams of a new innovative school with encouraging atmosphere.

Evgenii served mandatory military service in 2008-2009 securing important objects including Zhukovsky Airport, that is well known for the International Air Shows. He holds the rank of Reserve Sergeant.

Evgenii is a chess player, marathon runner and climbing instructor. He completed several Baikal marathons and won silver medal speed-climbing Munku-Sardyk Mountain, the highest point of the Eastern Sayan (11,453 ft).

His first ice sculpture was of a Father Frost at an ice park. Transition from wood work to ice carving was quick and easy for Evgenii. He competed and won prizes at the Baikal Crystal Seal ice competition and sand sculpture festivals in Bratsk City.

Evgenii is married, has a six month old son. Owns a house on the shore of the Lake Baikal and welcomes guests from different countries to visit him there. He has another project ready and is planning to build a house around cedar tree that will grow in the middle through a glass roof.



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