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  • Foss, Hannah
  • Foss, Hannah
  • United States
Foss, Hannah


Alaska, USA 

Representing: Austrailia

Hannah is a CGI Animator / Digital Artist at the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute.   She holds a BFA in Computer Arts (Honors) and a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Character Animation from Animation Mentor. 

Hannah grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and moved to Alaska in 2008. Some of her adventures include spending several years as a paleontological artist, CGI-animating a couple of museum films, constructing a 16-foot long dinosaur puppet called Snaps, eating tasty muktuk, snow-machining on the Chukchi Sea and meeting a polar bear.  

..2016 update/ryk



Two Become One


Goliath Defender of the Night

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