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  • Currier, Chris
  • Currier, Chris
  • United States
Currier, Chris


West End, North Carolina

Chris and his wife Debby and their daughters, Taelor and Madison, live in the Pinehurst Area of North Carolina. Chris is the Coordinator of Culinary Arts at Sandhills Community College and Owner of CRC Iceworks. Chris is excited about his second opportunity to carve ice in Alaska.




Free Bird
Artists Choice & Facebook Peoples Choice - 2018 Olympics Qualifier - Walt Cody Peoples Choice


Into the Wind

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  • Maddie Currier

    Maddie Currier

    02 March 2016 at 02:47 |
    Keep up the good work dad! looks awesome.


  • Ron L

    Ron L

    04 March 2016 at 14:48 |
    Hailing from the fringe of the Deep South and daring to travel to the edge of the frozen tundra, Chris Currier garners the respect of his colleagues at Sandhills Community College for his commitment to stretch the limits of his culinary and artistic careers. Godspeed you in your journey home, Chris. You inspire us all.


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