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  • Brunty, Alayah
  • Brunty, Alayah
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Brunty, Alayah


Alayah Brunty, home educated in North Pole, Alaska, recently competed at Pacific-District Hockey Tournament, as a sixth year goalie. Alayah was Assistant Director and the voice for "Sam the Clam" in Missoula Children’s Theater’s Blackbeard.  Select PT hosts her annual May First Friday, last year’s youth contest raised funds to Carenet Pregnancy Center and Camp Living Waters. Alayah was honored to serve in the 2014 Arctic Winter Games. In 2012, “Yellow Angry Bird” was her first ice sculpture. She learned chainsaw safety and chiseling techniques from instructor and mentor, Julio Martinez. In previous years Alayah and Kayli Dollard carved “Wolf Pack” and “Moose ARTifact”. This years new team, including Corbin Tomaszewski, is carving “Protection of Friendship”.



The Protection of Friendship


The Pack

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