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Fairbanks Open

Fairbanks  Open Rules and Guildelines

(This page is under constructiom.  The Amateur Open has been renamed the Fairbanks Open, and is now open to all sculptors of all levels. )

All sculptors are encouraged to attend a sculpting and safety class prior to participation.
All sculptors must attend a safety briefing prior to receiving permission to begin sculpting.

Final Registration - 12 - 5 p.m. Mon. 3/20
Ice Art Park Main Building, Room 11

Start Competition Fairbanks Open------------------9 a.m. Tue.  Ice Park
End Competition Fairbanks Open ------------------6 p.m. Fri.  Ice Park
Awards----- 8 p.m. Sat. Ice Park

2.  AWARDS/Recognition
13. Safety Class

The Amateur Open has 20 (twenty) spaces available. There is a $75 entry fee for participation.  If the sculptor has taken the primary Ice Alaska sculpting class the entry fee is waived.  A mandatory safety briefing will be given each sculptor prior to beginning any sculpting on the ice.  Teams may consist of 1 (one) or 2 (two) persons. The sculptors must be at least 18 years of age.  With special approval one member of the team may be under 18 but must have parental authorization to participate.  Teams must submit a drawing and/ or clay model to Ice Alaska to be accepted for participation in the event.  Ice block dimension:
One ice block, 4’ x 6’x 2.5,’ will be placed vertically, horizontally, or flat according to the sculptor’s request. The block weighs approximately 4,600 lbs. Once the ice block is placed, the sculpting team may not use motorized equipment to move the block. Motorized vehicles operated by Ice Alaska volunteers may make minor adjustments to the block before the exhibition begins.

Certificates of Participation shall be given to each sculptor who completes there design within the 5 day sculpting period.  Teams may sculpt in either the Abstract or Realistic category.

3.  TOOLS: 
Teams are encouraged to have their own sculpting tools.  However, Ice Alaska will have available a tool kit for rent should the sculpting team require such.  The tool kit will rent for $100 for the week and consist of 2 sharp chisels, 1 electric 16” bar chain saw, 1 electric sander and 1 Makita die grinder with 1 bit.  Once the event is completed and the tools returned in good order Ice Alaska will provide the team a $50 refund.  Each sculptor will be issued an Ice Alaska Park Pass which provides access into the Ice Art Park and meals during the sculpting period.   Additionally, Ice Alaska will provide extension cords and working lights for each team. All sculptors will receive a BP World Ice Art Championships T-shirt or sweatshirt, a certificate of participation, and a complimentary World Ice Art Championships program.

The sculpture may only consist of the ice provided, snow, and water. No artificial coloring, food coloring, additional lights, or props may be used. No one except the sculpting team may sculpt the ice block. No motorized equipment will be used to move or lift the ice blocks. Ice Alaska volunteers may assist the team to lift the blocks of ice, if requested by the team. However, Ice Alaska does not accept any responsibility for anything that may result in the volunteers moving the ice.

Ice Alaska will provide meals for the sculptors during the competition. There will be additional warm drinks available outside the designated meal times. Ice Alaska does not provide lodging for Amateur Open participants. 

Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety as well as the safety of other competitors and the general public. All sculptors are also responsible for the safety of their sculpture. The height of a sculpture must be less than its distance from the spectators’ path. The Site Director reserves the right to remove any sculptures, which he or she determines to be a safety hazard. ANY INFRACTION OF THE REGULATIONS BY SCULPTORS MAY LEAD TO THEIR DISMISSAL.

All sculptors must attend a sculpting and safety briefing prior to being authorized to work on the ice.  The Ice Alaska Amateur Open coordinator will provide the briefing.  
Teams must keep their sculpting sites clean. They are required to remove the ice chips and place them outside their site barrier. ICE ALASKA volunteers will then be responsible for removing the chips. Cleanliness of the work site is an important safety consideration, and the site official may at his or her discretion declare any site unsafe and require the team to stop work until the deficiency is corrected.

Should a sculptor be under the age of 18 and receive Ice Alaska permission to participate he/she must still have a parent/ legal guardian sign a consent form to allow the sculptor to participate.  The sculptors must read, and sign the Ice Alaska Liability and Media Release Form prior to being to sculpt.  Ice sculpting is a hazardous activity, and all sculptors are informed and understand the dangers that are associated with this activity. No alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs will be allowed on Ice Alaska property. Any infractions of this rule will result in the violating team being disqualified; parental/ legal guardian notification and local law enforcement officials will be notified of the incident.

Since the Amateur Open is an Exhibition event the pieces will not be officially judged.  However, if any team desires they can request a complimentary review of their piece by an Ice Alaska official.  The review will consist of the sculpture being evaluated using the same criteria as used for the BP World Ice Art Championships.  There are 10 criteria which consist of 6 technical and 4 artistic elements. The Ice Alaska official will follow those criteria to provide feedback to any sculpting team requesting such.  
Once the signal horn has sounded to end the event, the sculptors must stop all work on their sculpture.  Sculptors must clean up their work site and the area around the sculpture, but may not work on the piece after the ending horn has sounded. . During the clean-up time, the team must make the site presentable for the viewing public.  There will be no scrap or extra ice in the immediate site and the tools must be removed. All sawhorses and boards will be removed from the site. Ice Alaska will collect the tools and all equipment provided and if acceptable return $50.00 of the rental fee. Sculptors are required to make barriers for their site.  They may use a rope to cordon off the sculpture. Teams may make an ice stanchion or display for their site for their names and ideas about the sculpture. Ice Alaska will provide 2 (two) lights with colored gels to illuminate the piece. The sculpting team will choose where to place the lights and Ice Alaska will provide the closest colored gels possible to light the finished piece.


Abstract Category:
 Sculptures express themes, movement, or meaning through symbolic forms, which are not necessarily recognizable objects. The treatment may range from semi-abstract to stylized forms to absolute non-representation, with the major focus on the theme, movement, or meaning creatively expressed by the form, or simply the aesthetic appeal of the form itself.

Realistic Category:
Sculptures are based on clearly recognizable objects or beings, whether real or imaginary, with the major focus on skillful technique.

When completed, all sculptures become the property of Ice Alaska, which retains exclusive rights to the sculptures and may use any pictures, photographs, videos or reproductions in any commercial application. Others interested in the use of the ice sculptures for commercial means must receive written approval for that use from Ice Alaska.

Fairbanks, Alaska, is always a great place to visit; however, we can have extreme temperatures during the month of March. Clothing for sculpting should suit temperatures from above freezing to far below, such as -25°F = -32°C (or even 40°F). The air is mostly dry, and there is much sunshine. Skin cream and sun block are recommended. The central building at the “George Horner Ice Art Park” features a separate dining hall for sculptors and staff, with hot meals, around-the-clock refreshment counters, drying facilities for gloves and boots, and toilets.

All sculptors are encouraged to attend a sculpting and safety class prior to participation.  All sculptors must attend a safety briefing prior to receiving permission to begin sculpting.