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17 days to Showtime

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07 February 2014

The Chapel, First Snow Sculpture And Big Slides.

2-7-14,  Minus 5 Fahrenheit:

By late Thursday the Chapel crew had nearly reached the top of the big ice monoliths that appear as ice windows in the curving wall.  And by Friday afternoon, another row or two had been added. Work has slowed some for reasons I don't know.  But note the front wall has been started and now supports the ends of the arch as it continues to rise.  And Jason was high up in a man bucket hanging a curtain rod in order to provide shade to the dome.  The sun continues to rise in the southern sky and soon will have enough strength to wreak havoc on the ice.  We'll mount similar curtain shades for the exposed Multi-Block area downstream from the chapel.

Nearby, Eduard Pomenerenko was getting a lift from Connie as he placed another block for his kids park sculpture.  I call it a scroll but I'll have to ask him what he calls his design.

First Snow Sculpture:

I didn't see who turned our big 8'x8' block of snow into a sow razorback and her piglet but that happened just today.  Not bad for our first serious effort at snow sculpting.  We'll build a few more blocks to further test the concepts we're learning in this new medium.

Finally, late in the day much progress had been made on the big slide.  One chute is nearly done and I suspect the entire 5 or 6 chute ramp will be completed in a day or two.

Things are really taking shape as we're now just two weeks from public opening.

More later.
Ralph Bolt