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Day 2 at Ice Art Park

Published in Ralph Bolt's Blog
24 February 2014

2-25-14  Minus 23 degrees-Fahrenheit

I started work on my ice xylophone today.  Alan Armbruster located a good used Craftsman band saw and after putting a new blade on it, found that it does a great job cutting ice.  Stan Zelienski at the chapel dome is cutting ice blanks for me with his well-built ice-cutting table.  I take the blanks to the other side of the park to a cold building where I can set up lights and have the bandsaw.  The keys will be about 1-1/4 inches thick by 2 inches wide and will range from around 22 inches to 5 or 6 inches in length, depending on the musical pitch.  I have a pitch pipe on my iPhone so I can tune the keys fairly easily and quite accurately, at least as far as my ear will allow.  At the moment, I'm cutting the keys into 22-inch lengths and will begin the tuning process when I have enough to complete the instrument--probably tomorrow or Thursday.  And I have to make the mallets with which to bonk the keys.

At noon I snapped a pic of the united nations lunch room.  Walking through one hears Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, a couple European languages, English, and,... Alaskan.  It's quite an experience.

Around 2pm I walked through the sculpting area and again snapped pics in the same sequence as yesterday.  The progress in just 24 hours is quite impressive.  At the time of the walk-through, the artists had about thirty hours left on the clock.  Some will need every minute.  A few might not finish.  Most will have a bit of time to spare.  At any rate, tomorrow evening at 9pm, it's all over for the Single-Block.  I'll make another run through tomorrow at around noon.

More later.
Ralph Bolt