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23 January 2014

Rain in January!

1-23-14  Plus 34   Fahrenheit
The rain started around 8am while I was in the gym and lasted just a couple hours.  Probably not more than a few hundredths of an inch but enough to cause havoc.  The ground surface is well below freezing so when the rain hits it immediately freezes to glare ice.  That wet ice is brutally slick.  Lots of stuff cancelled. Including my Ice Park Board meeting tonight.  There was absolutely no controlling a vehicle. I was going very slowly so we stayed on the road.  Turned around and went home.  This is Illinois weather--not Alaska.

I made it to the park before the roads got too bad and even ran a few errands so I got a bit of stuff done today.  So did the Chinese Artists, who live on site.  They covered the bears and train station to protect the sculptures from the rain.  Rain fills in and dulls details in the carvings.

Confession Time:

When I took the pic of the ice polar bears yesterday, one of them had a small model of a bear sitting on its back.  I took a pic of it thinking I'd use it to demonstrate how sculptors use various models to help their work.  But when I got home and saw the pic on my computer, the model appeared to be a full-sized bear walking across the park behind the bears in the foreground.  It was too great a deception to pass up so passed it on to you with minimal comment and no explanation.  

No, we don't get polar bears in Fairbanks.  We're much too far south and too far inland--they're  a coastal sea creature who feed largely on seals, of which we also have a dearth.  I've included the pic again so you can blow it up or study it more closely and see that it's just a little 3-inch model on the icy back of the sculpture.

More later.

Ralph Bolt

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