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30 January 2014

Ice Train, Chapel, Kids Slides

1-30-14  Minus 4

Temps are falling so we're making ice again and the activity level at the park is rising so we're cutting lots of ice. Mr. An and one of his Chinese crew were putting the finishing touches on the little train next to the station.  Note the snow smoke coming from the stack.  And the maze appears to be virtually complete--it's massive.  Another Chinese team was starting work on one of the smaller slides coming down from the side of our big slide building.  Soon they'll lay big slabs of ice on the runway and bury fluorescent colored lights in the ice along the slide runs.


My Russian friend, Vitaly Lednev was working on his first kid park mini-slide.  He'll do many more and little kids will enjoy them all.


It seems every year, there's a new idea to try out.  This year a team of carvers from the local area is building a half-dome chapel.  We already have a number of couples who want to use it for their weddings.  I'll try to get a pic of the wooden model we have of the dome to give an idea of it's configuration.  It's a very large ice structure that will hold a sizable wedding party.  At the moment just the first tier of ice is on the ground.  The team has an elaborate set of tools on site including a vertically mounted chain saw for cutting the blocks.  And they have a large table arrayed with many hand tools for the fine work.  There's also a long beam on a pivot that helps them place each block of ice in exactly the correct position.  It will be both a beautiful ice structure and an engineering marvel.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


It's a beautiful part of the world with many surprises.

More later.  Ralph Bolt

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