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16 January 2014

Ice Park Train Station and Sites Around Town

1-16-14 Minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit             
The Chinese sculptors were out there today with their tape measure and carpenter's level making sure everything was square and true. There's nothing slipshod about their work.


We're headed for some warm weather this weekend and perhaps into next week. Someone said maybe some freezing rain. That would be un-nice. The train station is really taking shape.Connie of Operations is planning an ice harvest for this weekend. The warmer weather will be perfect for it.


My wife, Bonnie, was out doing some errands today and snapped a couple pics that are everyday scenes for us but would cause a visitor to do a double take. We live near the University and often see students (and teachers, I presume) on bicycles. Temperature doesn't seem to matter. They're out in relatively warm zero-degree weather as we had today and we often see them at 20 and 30 below. Although it can't be seen on this pic, some of them have very thick knobby tires for traction in the snow. I'll try to get a closeup of that sometime.


The other scene common to the locals but always amusing to us is the ravens attacking garbage bags in the back of pickups. Everybody hauls their garbage to local transfer stations around here and if one stops at the store on the way to the dump, the ravens know that plastic bags in the back of pickups are full of goodies. They'll shred the bags in minutes and with their telegraph system, they'll have a flock there to help in no time. They can make a real mess. But it's an entertaining mess. More later. Ralph Bolt

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