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28 Days to Showtime

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27 January 2014

Building Snow Sculpting Forms

1-27-14  Plus 30 Fahrenheit

 A new winter activity we'll be testing this year is snow sculpting.  And we're attempting to dress up our displays around the park so visitors get a clearer idea of what they're looking at.


To that end, two activities were going on today in our big machine shed.  When Connie moved her big forklifts out for the day, we moved a bunch of lumber in and started building forms into which we'll pack snow for the sculptors.  Don Swarner, a carpenter by trade, Skip Brink and I worked on snow sculpting project which basically involves building a bunch of plywood frames which can be bolted together into big 8'x8'x8' boxes.  Connie and her forklift crew will fill them with snow, we'll remove the forms, and the sculptors will work their magic.    I enjoy working with my hands in mechanical activity including simple carpentry.  This project was about as simple as it gets and I enjoyed it.  Working with Don and Skip, who are very skilled, gave me a chance to learn a few things.  I love learning the tricks of the pros.


Meanwhile, Howard Earles was staining a bunch of display panels we'll use around the park to describe sculptures and other aspects of the ice structures the public will be seeing and using.  Howard's involved in most of the stuff we do around the park and he has many skills.  His primary ice job is building our large skating rink but he's not above grabbing a roller and dabbing on the stain.  I'll try to catch him in some other activities as we get closer to competition time.


One of my Russian friends, Vitaly Lednev, arrived yesterday.  He'll be carving a lot of beautiful things in the kids park over the next few weeks and when competition time comes, he'll be a formidable competitor.  He's often among the top prize winners.


The Mongolian team arrives tomorrow and they too will be involved in the kids park construction.  Activity is ramping up.  More Later, Ralph Bolt

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