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08 February 2014

Mongolian Artist - Sculpting Snow

2-8-14  Minus 5, Fahrenheit:

I spent a few hours at the Ice Park this morning working on the heating system for the main building.  The heat source is a boiler that supplies three separate zones each controlled by an individual thermostat.  When the ATCO units which comprise our building were sawn apart for the move to the new site three years ago, the thermostat wiring was hacked up and never properly reassembled.  I'm trying to make sense of it and restore some function.

Bonnie was off to a mid-day sewing group meeting so I headed out to Ester to the Golden Eagle and grilled myself a hamburger. The founder and previous owner of the business was there as he often is on a Saturday and I spent an hour or so chatting with him about the gold mining history of the area and about permafrost issues he had dealt with.  Everyone up here has stories the likes of which we just don't hear in the lower 48.

Back at the park for a quick check on a couple of things, I snapped a pic of one of the Mongolian artists working on our second snow mold.  Looks like the beginnings of an owl.  His partner, out of the picture, told me our snow was no good.  He suggested we use fresh snow instead of the stuff we had used which came from berms pushed up as a result of clearing roads in the park.  We learn.
More later.
Ralph Bolt