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28 January 2014

Finishing up the Snow Forms

1-28-14  Plus 25 Fahrenheit

I'm sure many people would be happy on both ends if we could transport some of the frigid weather in the midwest to balmy Alaska.  I know I would be.


Don, Skip, and I finished our snow sculpture form making project today and Connie hauled them to the park site where  the sculpting will be done.  We'll essentially have three 8'x8'x8' boxes filled with snow which will be compacted into a very dense snow cube.  Then we'll remove the forms and let the carvers have at it.  We're leaving the two top sides off the first one until we get some snow in it.  Then we'll add the other two sides and finish filling it.  We have very little experience with this sort of thing so we're learning as we go--not an unusual process at the Ice Park.


Andy O'Grady filled the Snow Sculpture mold and tamped down the snow by strapping an ice block on his forklift and dropping it onto the snow.  Sure wish I had a pic of that but I was off working somewhere.  I'll add the remaining sides tomorrow and he'll fill the rest of it.  We'll build one more smaller one and then remove the forms to test our concept.


Meanwhile, Connie was moving some sculpted pieces around for the kid's park and others of her crew were hauling ice from the recent harvest to the site where the presentation stage and other public pieces will be built.  It's still too  early to move ice for competitive sculpting.

More later.

Ralph Bolt

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