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Day 1 at Ice Art Park

Published in Ralph Bolt's Blog
23 February 2014

2-24-14  Minus 13 Fahrenheit

Murphy was working well today.  On the public opening day and the first day of competitive sculpting, the lights went out in the website office, the heat went out in the security shack, the coke machine broke, and the TV station truck kept flipping breakers on its power feed.  I got two of the four resolved--I think the TV crew eventually worked around their problem and the coke machine will wait until tomorrow.  But the web folks can see and the security team is warm.

The starting bell sounded at 9am and most of the nearly 100 sculptors were already at their sites.  The sound of gas and electric chainsaws, dremel tools, power grinders, and myriad other tools filled the spruce grove that protects the Single Block area.

I stopped by the area at around three, just six hours into the 60 they have to work their artistry.  Some give little evidence of having done much but try to stare down their 7000 pound block.  Others, usually the top competitors, show considerable purposeful work.  I include a pic of every site but did not take the time to try to identify the sculptors or the nature of their intent.  I'll make another run through at the thirty hour mark and things should become more obvious.

The chapel dome has seen considerable progress in the past day or so.  Note the arched atrium that is being built in front of the half dome.  Work will now slow again as the sculptor doing the work is competing in the carving event.

Also note the correction to the spelling and penmanship of the logo behind the stage.  One would never know it had been incorrect.  The sharp-eyes among you who caught the errors should be pleased.

In trying to send this email, I think Yahoo is upset with the number of attachments so I'll cut it in half and send a second email right behind this one with the second half of the pics.  If that's too much clutter for your inbox, just hit delete.

More later.
Ralph Bolt