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30 Days to Showtime

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25 January 2014

Second Harvest

1-25-14  Plus 30 Fahrenheit

I'm beginning to wonder when--or if--it will cool down.  We need cold.  The area of O'Grady pond that was harvested last week should have substantial ice on it by now but it's barely skinned over.  Our best carving ice comes from the second or third harvest from a given site.  It will be many days until we can get a second cut.


Connie and Andy had their big forklifts out on the pond again today and the crew was finishing the harvest in the area Connie had marked and scribed over a week ago.  It's an interesting process.  These folks have been doing it so long, it's like a musical ensemble--each has a different instrument and as they play them together, the ice builds up in the staging area ready for the next set of artists to go to work.


Meanwhile, the Chineseartists were back working on the maze which now has some interior walls.  It's a big maze--although I haven't measured it, it appears to be around 80 feet long and at least half that wide.  Should hold lots of lost souls.  You can see that the ice is already clearing up and becoming transparent.  When first placed, it has a frosty finish on the surface.  As the ice ages, it loses that surface opacity and becomes clear.  That effect will be very apparent as we watch the sculptors build their creations in a few weeks.

More later. Ralph Bolt

34 Days to Showtime

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21 January 2014

Maze Staging & Construction

1-21-14 Plus 30 Fahrenheit      

It was a great day for a few small projects outside at the Ice Park. Warm and at least partly sunny. The Chinese crew has all but finished the train station, and they're now working on the big maze that will confuse kids and adults alike. When the sun gets to work on the ice it will clear up and be virtually transparent. But that doesn't help one find the way through the maze.


The first two pics show the ice as it was staged for construction of the maze at around noon today. By 2:30, the crew had made significant progress on the outer wall.


The next significant project will be the big slides coming down the ramp we've built on the side of one of our storage buildings. They're the most used structures in the entire Kid's Park which will have scores of small slides, twirlies, bowls, whimsical animals, and other attractions for little and big kids. By next week, construction on all those features will be in full swing. More later. Ralph Bolt

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