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20 January 2014

Fairbanks' Sunrise

1-20-14  Plus 33 degrees Fahrenheit

We have a few days of unseasonably warm weather upon us.  We're at least 30 degrees warmer than our Minnesota and Illinois families and only 20 degrees cooler than our Mississippi grandson.  The warmth comes with cloud cover and that produces the morning sailor's-warning red skies .


I saw these fiery scenes on the way to the Ice Park.  I  didn't have the eye to know where to stop and photograph them.  My wife, Bonnie left a few minutes later on the same route and got these lovely shots.  The first is at the end of our road where it turns south towards town.  The others are near the Chena river which flows through town and empties into the Tanana just south of town.


The Chena River is open even at this coldest month of the year but only in a short stretch downstream from the city power plant which uses its water for cooling.  The waste heat from the steam boilers is enough to beat back the deep cold that freezes the rest of the river--and our ice pond.

Sunrise was at 10:12 today and it set at 3:52 so we're still getting less than five hours of sun a day. More later. Ralph Bolt

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