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19 days to Showtime

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05 February 2014

Big Slides (Lighted), Vitaly Slides and Stan's Chapel Progressing

2-5-14  Minus 5 Fahrenheit

I stopped by the second slide where yesterday the Chinese artists were laying some of the last slabs of ice.  I was surprised this morning as I pulled into the park before daybreak to see the slide all lighted up in its many colors.  A few minutes later at the entry to the main building I noticed some of the same color in the cloud bank that reflected the rising sun.  The cloud bank later spit a bit of snow at us.

Vitaly Lednev has completed five sculptures for the kidsq park so far and is working on his sixth--a ship, he said.  I don't see it yet and may have misunderstood him but tomorrow will tell.

Eduard Pomenerenko, another Russian, arrived a couple days ago and has teamed up with the also newly arrived Mongolian team to build a large structure.  Connie was lending a hand--or a fork--to their efforts both yesterday and today.  In years past I've repaired tools for Eduard and we've become good friends.  His English is very limited but it doesn't really matter much.  We make ourselves understood to one another somehow.  Of course if things get bogged down, we each have our Russian/English translators on our smartphones.  Merely lifting a camera elicits a pose.

Stan and his chapel dome crew continue to add tiers of ice to their structure.  As the wall goes up it becomes increasingly clear just how big this thing is going to be.  It will be very impressive.  I gave some minor assistance to the repair of their radial arm guide this morning and tomorrow I'll probably be attempting a repair on the electric chainsaw you see in use here.  It was smoking a bit as I was snapping these pics.  (That's not smoke in the pic--that's ice chips from the cutting).

More later.
Ralph Bolt