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19 January 2014

Calling Home from Alaska

1-19-14    30 degrees Fahrenheit

My brother Norm asked about the time difference between Alaska and the lower 48 recently

  • Noon Central Time at Norm's in Wadena,Minnesota is 9 am here in the Alaska time zone. 
  • Noon at Reno (Mountain Time), where brother Harold, et ux, lives, is 10 am  here,
  • And noon Eastern Time at sister Evie's in Florida is 8 am here. 


It makes for some interesting clock watching when I have to do business by telephone with someone back home.  The other day I had a call from my credit union--I know the gal well--at 6am.  She didn't know I was in Alaska.  It was 9am in Bloomington, Illinois.  Sun-up here was still about four hours away so I wasn't up yet.  I did catch the call in time, however.


By the way, if Alaska went by the sun, we would be yet another hour behind you.  Our longitude actually puts us four sun hours behind the Central time zone, not three as the clock suggests.  But Alaska arbitrarily ignores that in order not to have too great a difference on the clock between us and the lower 48.  We're at 150-degrees west longitude here in Fairbanks.  Minneapolis, Wadena, and Hattiesburg are around 90 degrees west.  At 15 degrees per hour, that's 4 hours difference, not three hours as the clocks show.  It would be hard to conduct business if they let the geographically correct time prevail.  A typical 8-hour business day here would have just three hours of overlap with the east coast.  As it is, we have four which helps.

More later. Ralph Bolt

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