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Final Days with Ice

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This has been a fantastic year of ice art.  In all the 12 years that I've been volunteering for Ice Alaska, this is by far the largest field of exhibits that I can remember.  One aspect I enjoy, besides watching these fantastic sculptures being built, is how the elements affect them.  This week in particular, Break Up has arrived in Fairbanks, and with the return of our sun, we have some real heat with that light.  The effects of the the disintegrating ice can be very beautiful.  Below are some of what I find are the more interesting effects of Sunlight on Ice...

MultiBlock - Sea Snare - the Whales have become opaque from the morning sun.  

MultiBlock - HALO - the morning sunlight is causing pitting and ice-rot.  the effect reminds me of weathered patina on some old statue.  Any day now, I expect the wings to crumble off.

MultiBlock - A New Hope - This is amazing, the sword hasn't fallen!  You can see that both the sword and Luke's arms have some serious ice rot from direct sun exposure, but he's holding together.  

MultiBlock - Cool Beans - the upper quarter of this tree tall beanstalk is now totally opaque from  sunlight, and much of the detail work has melted away.  But this is another surprising exhibit that looks very delicate, yet is balanced well enough to remain standing.

SingleBlock - Mission On Mars - being located in the trees it is protected by much of the direct sunlight, yet there has been some melting, and the helmet on the astronaut is now almost perfectly clear.  

SingleBlock - The Beginning of Time - The combination of morning sun and warm ambient temperatures have made this piece almost perfectly clear.  Notice how the centerpiece has become so clear as to act as a lens and the young couple seen through the optics of the ice.  

SingleBlock - Hard to Handle - not too much direct sunlight on this piece through the trees.  Natural melting has caused the texture of the cat to photograph like molten metal.

SingleBlock - Concentration - This is another one of those exhibits that remains standing with only minimal sun damage.  The circus loops have since fallen off, and the woman's facial features and her fingers have melted a little, but the grace and illusion of life in this piece are still evident.  


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