1999 - Ice Alaska - Memorial Chapel



Chapel at Night
Harry Gerjets
Ivalie Cox Harry Gerjets
Alter Inside Chapel

The worth of life's sojourn is measured by selfless good done for others!
Ice Alaska, countless people and many facets of the Fairbanks community are richer because Ivalie Cox and Harry Gerjets genuinely cared and generously gave of their talent and love.
Inscription as it appeared outside the chapel
Alter at Night
Alter inside the chapel by day. Alter inside the chapel at night.
Chapel Finished Anita Tabor Etching Memorial Sign
Interior of Chapel-Night Chapel Finished - Day Anita Tabor - Memorial Sign




of the
Memorial Chapel

The Chapel was a labor of love created in memory of Ivalie Cox and Harry Gerjets who passed away in 1998. They were important volunteers who worked tirelessly for Ice Alaska.

Stan Zielinski is the designer of the memorial ice chapel.

The chapel construction utilized a new technique of cutting blocks into standard sized 8"x8"x16" blocks.

The "mill" for making the blocks consisted of a rigid vertical support on which a chain saw was mounted with a work platform below. It was not unlike a table saw for wood. Therewas a modified rip-fence arrangement as well as a cross cut feature. The objective of the new technique was to create a smaller block that eliminated the need for the heavy equipment normally need to place the blocks.

The chapel took about a month to construct and the effort was a work of art.

It was a suitable memorial to two tireless workers for Ice Alaska. - Ivalie Cox and Harry Gerjets.


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Czech Republic artists Lumir Lang and George Langer in the early stages of constructing the ice chapel. The chapel was constructed over catenary arch forms build by Carpenter's Local 1243 apprentices. George Langer, Stan Zielinski, Anita Tabor and Lumir Lang - standing in front of the saw they use to mill the blocks.
Stan and Anita milling blocks for the ice chapel seen in the background.
Stan and Anita milling more blocks.
Lumir Lang and Linda Heck cutting more blocks.
Front view of the Chapel with George Langer and Lumir Lang, Linda Heck and Stan Zielinski.
Chapel Front - Under Construction.
Rear view of the chapel entrance with Stan Zielinski working on the doorway.